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Merlin Acoustics & Engineering provides comprehensive noise control assessments, mitigation recommendations, and solutions. Not only can we provide engineering services, but we work with suppliers to make sure the recommendations are practical and achievable. We pride ourselves on providing the right solution the first time.

Our Services

The Merlin Acoustics & Engineering team provides a wide variety of services. We are able to produce stamped structural engineered drawings for projects.

Noise Impact Assessments

We work with our clients to produce a noise impact assessment that accurately depicts the worksite. Our comprehensive measurements and analysis tools allow us to create detailed and useful assessments.

Engineered Solutions

Merlin provides stamped engineered designs for noise control solutions. We can handle everything from the initial assessment to final engineered drawings.

Noise Mitigation

Merlin works with suppliers to help find the most practical solution to noise issues. We can help design systems that reduce the noise level below the occupational health & safety limit, helping your company protect its workers.

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